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It happens here

Posted on 2010/03/17 23:34:35 (March 2010).

[Thursday 18th March 2010]

Life happens here, business happens here, new ideas happen here.

China is certainly a great place to be if you want to be involved into a business/money/sex spiral, it seems that everyone is happy, or at least looks at the future with such a positive outlook that every time I come here going back to Europe stinks like fish left out of the fridge for 3 days.

Not everything is golden though, we do know what are the issues involved with this country, but to be honest with them they are opening quite rapidly, in 4 months, since my last visit they started the 3G network on their mobiles, which apparently bypasses state censorship on internet sites (I can use Twitter from the phone but not from the mac!).

Little by little things are changing on that area as well.

Now bound to Shanghai, which is similar to Tokyo or New York, I wish that I could sleep better, the first leg of this trip has been a bit hard under that point of view!

Comment 1

Surprised to hear you saying Chinese people are happy! My imagine of the Chinese is of generally very glum people... but maybe that's just based on Chinese people living in the UK.

Posted by John at 2010/03/20 09:28:28.

Comment 2

Economy is booming everyone gets a share of the pie. In Europe we are much more depressed trust me... Having said that I only see the big cities, outer provinces might be a lot different..

Posted by Lox at 2010/03/20 10:10:03.

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