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Fire walk with me

Posted on 2010/03/20 06:04:52 (March 2010).

[Saturday 20th March 2010]

My stomach is on fire!

It must have been some food that I have had at the beginning of the week in Zhongshan, I think that it was some "not so fresh" abalone, because the other people ate the same stuff as I did and had no problems whatsoever.

Well, the bottom line is that food poisoning in Asia is not a good thing, especially when you are on a business trip and EVERYONE (I mean EVERYONE) invites you to dinner and lunch and expect you to eat everything.

Not that I do not like Chinese cuisine, it's actually pretty great and I can eat REALLY everything (snakes, scorpions and the likes included), but with this sense of constant mild nausea it's not easy.

So me and my boss, who came with me for the first time in his life to China, tried to escape all the invitations, to eat something simple at the hotel but we failed miserably. Apart from that the business trip is as usual, same problems, same faces, same complaints. There would be a solution to all of this, which involves me moving here, but at present state I cannot envisage it any time soon because the company I work for just simply do not have the money to afford a resident manager.

At the same time, after the second pay cut at the beginning of the year, I am thinking if I did a good thing at organizing such a long trip, my services and expertise is worth much more than what they are paying me, and still I cannot seem able to offer the company the services for what they are paying for.


Comment 1

Sounds horrible Lox. Food poisoning is bearable if you can stay at home in bed without anyone else around, but if you have to work and socialise that's a completely different thing...

I am fortunate in that whenever I get some kind of food poisoning it tends to be an intense but short lived thing - numerous trips to the toilet one day, but fine the next. Of course that said I don't eat meat or fish, how poisonous can a carrot really become?

Posted by John at 2010/03/20 09:26:49.

Comment 2

Yes for a vegetarian is easier, but normally I never get that sick, actually it seems that things are going back to normality so let's see the positive side and consider it a good exercise to loose some weight! :D

Posted by Lox at 2010/03/20 11:20:25.

Comment 3

Hello (puke). How (puke) nice (puke) to (puke) meet (puke) you (puke)!

Posted by Sheri at 2010/03/21 06:50:42.

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