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Quiet Saturday

Posted on 2010/03/20 16:09:08 (March 2010).

[Saturday 20th March 2010]

One week into the business trip I still have 2 full weeks to tackle before I can board the plane that will get me back to Italy.

Life when you are on a business trip is quite strange because there is never really time to "unplug" and relax. Today for example I had to go and check out some stores, although I told my agent that I did not want to do anything else because I feel that after the second pay-cut I am giving far too much to this company...

Normally relaxing even when I take the time to do it, is quite hard. Packing, replying to emails, catching up with the work that you could not do during the week, follow ups on clients demands and most importantly, preparing things for one of the frequent movements inside Asia (that anyway involve check-ins, waiting, body scans, airplane trips and all the stress related with these activities).

But today was different as I prepared everything is good time, few minor adjustments to be done but nothing major.

I managed to avoid any social engagement and I just relaxed, had a bath, played some music, watched a Family Guy movie that I downloaded (Star Wars parody, absolutely GREAT), had a simple burgher delivered to my room and just enjoyed the simplicity of it all!

Well, tomorrow I am bound to Taipei, but hopefully the day will be free for me to do whatever I like! :P

Maybe a sauna? Could be good before another stressful week opens up ahead!

Comment 1

What?! Not complaining today?!!
Who are you and what have you done with Lox?

Posted by Sheri at 2010/03/21 17:23:34.

Comment 2

Ah, touchè! Well I am trying not to do it let's put it this way :P

Posted by Lox at 2010/03/21 23:13:15.

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