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Phase 2

Posted on 2010/08/07 23:45:14 (August 2010).

[Sunday 8th August 2010]

It's early, bloody early. This Sunday started in a bad way, mostly because I was forced to do two things that I really did not want to do.

First and foremost, had to say goodbye to Katia, my colleague from work who accompanied me during the last 10 days of this business trip. I won't give too much space to tales and details because there would be too much to write, but she is really great and it was nice to be with her and share the time together.

It was also nice not to be by myself as usual, that is a bonus as a matter of fact, and now I know that I really dislike travelling alone.

Secondly I had to wake up at 5.20 AM in order to take her to the bus stop here in Kyoto. Seeing her off was quite painful but if there is a thing that I have learnt in this trip is to be able to look at things not only in the usual negative crappy way, but trying to find positive sides.
There are many actually, and I can't wait for half of them to actually "happen" (future trips, dinners with friends, recipes exchanges etc etc).

I have realized that my last years have been spent living under the continuous spell of "I need to prepare for the worst", and when the "worst" arrived I was never ready. I think that you cannot be ready anyway, but this means that I have forsaken a lot of good moments because I was already thinking at the evil that could possibly arrive.
This has to stop, at least for my life. In the business it's different, planning and preparing for the future actually pays.

So in a way seeing her off WAS hard, but it was GOOD at the same time, I know she wanted to go back to her family and boyfriend, and I am sure that she enjoyed the "Japan through Lorenzo's eyes" that she saw.

Now I am here, writing, today I am moving from Kyoto to Osaka. Soon the business trip will be over and "PHASE 2" of this huge abroad stroll will begin, the dreaded arrival of the 26 screaming Italians that I will have to take around Japan.

Note to the reader: it seems that the spell of bad luck did not end though. Now my company credit card doesn't work anymore. Actually it's not correct to say that, the magnetic band is gone, but the microchip is working. Shame that not everyone has a microchip card reader here in Japan, so I had to come out with a lot or very inventive systems to get some cash to continue the business trip.

Oh well, no big deal, an inconvenience that I would have rather avoid though...

Comment 1

ehi loreeee today is a good day beacuse finally I have undestand all you have writen ..maybe it seams a stupid thing but it isn't, believe me!
but i have to confess that today i have had an help from stefano to traslate some word that i though don't knew!!

thanks for write!


Posted by uh uh ah ah.. at 2010/08/08 15:05:29.

Comment 2

(Thunderclap noise in the distance)

"Beware, mortal fool!
I am your new Master, the dreaded Screaming Italian Tourist, and I command you NOW to find me an Italian Restaurant in Tokyo, since I greatly dislike this raw fish stuff!

And beware, I want to see the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, but I will NEVER wake up so early in the morning, and therefore I command you, slave, to provide me a complete tuna auction at 10.00 AM in the morning!

And what the hell is this "Tokyo Tower"? Where do you think we are, in Paris? And it is even smaller than the original one! Give me my money back now, fool!"

Apart from this, have a good time! And remember the Aso-san, your last chance...

Posted by Franz at 2010/08/08 18:24:26.

Comment 3

Rita: Thanks for reading (and thanks stefano for the assistance in translating) :)

Franz: Yes, I think you have put in words the nightmare that I had yesterday :) We`ll see what will happen... :P

Posted by Lox at 2010/08/09 00:46:14.

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