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Wedding in Singapore

Posted on 2010/10/26 01:15:26 (October 2010).

[Sunday 24th October 2010]

It was a rather hot day in Singapore last Sunday, I came totally unprepared for 32 degrees Celsius and had to endure the heat in a season that technically is everything but hot for us Europeans.

I went to Singapore for work of course, but this time I was also invited to the wedding reception of the son of our distributor who was getting married.

It was the first time for me to come to a Chinese wedding, and what a wedding this one has been! Firs of all there were two venues, one on the Saturday night, for some "close friends" among which I was, that counted only 90 guests.

We were invited on the Singapore Flyer (a huge panoramic wheel, very fashionable around the world these days), there were some "pods" rented for us where a luxurious dinner was served while spinning around and admiring the marvellous view of Singapore' skyline.

The Sunday was all arranged from the morning, with a mandatory Bakuthe breakfast (boiled pork in a very spicy soup, truly marvellous), followed by a cruise along the bay and then a rest until 7.30 PM.

This is when the real reception started, 937 guests came at the wedding, I have never seen anything that big in my life for a wedding dinner. All perfectly organized, it was kind of incredible that all the tables were served almost at the unison, the bride and groom manages to take a picture with each table and 10 minutes after that the pictures were already printed and handed to us as a memento!

Compared to Italian weddings (where normally we have a wedding lunch) the dinner was rather short, "only" 4 hours, 10 courses ranging from Shark Fin soup to Beijing Duck and many other Chinese delicacies.

Lots of people got drunk of course, and it was amusing to see them going around the tables looking for more drinking buddies.

I was a bit away from the action so I could not see what was going on the main table, there was even a speaker (Mandarin, Cantonese and English) to introduce some videos and the newly wed couple (they changed dress three times), like an Hollywood red carpet event...

A great wedding all in all, it was nice to make that experience!

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