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36th Birthday

Posted on 2011/04/02 22:05:53 (April 2011).

[Saturday 2nd April 2011]

The genensis of birthday goes a long way. First of all this year I made a point to be in Italy for my birthday, as usually I am always travelling and I cannot be with my friends or anyone else to have some sort of party...

Anyway, I have tried to organize some sort of dinner at my place with the Thai specialities that I brought back from Bangkok, but to my dismay I only got a string of refusals for various reasons... I do not know what bell rang in my head but from Thailand I wrote to them that "in case you are planning some surprise party, DON'T do it"... Ok maybe not in these words but the message was that.

Anyways days passed and I woke up today feeling quite uneasy, probably because it seems that I have a cold.

Then around 10ish in the morning there was a great deal of noise and commotion outside my hose and there they were, in 3 seconds they were all in the house for this "surprise" that in a way I had predicted, but to be honest I was expecting something "at night" rather than in the morning...

Well the plan was to go out for a picnic and come back in the afternoon, all went extremely well despite my cold which did turn down a little my mood, and it was a great surprise party.

I even got this little chick as a present, this has a long story behind, so I will not venture in the explanation, but of course it is something that was designed to make fun of me.

These are the days when I realize that I am not alone and that I understand what got me back to Florence 5 years ago. I am lucky to have some friends like them, I guess that they all know that recently things haven't been that great, so that made it much a better day than it would have been anyways.

Shame that some did not manage to come, but there will be other occasions to party, starting from the next weekend!

Thanks everyone who was part of the process even if they couldn't come, I really appreciated!

Comment 1

Happy Birthday !!!
OJISAN ^o^o^/

Posted by Kutsunugi at 2011/04/05 00:47:44.

Comment 2

Ahahahah but if I am Ojisan, WHAT ARE YOU THEN? :) Thanks anyways! :P

Posted by Lox at 2011/04/05 07:28:56.

Comment 3

Hi! i'm repost you post: to my @eftpuiqy twitter

Posted by TheappilaFluh at 2011/11/10 00:47:23.

Comment 4

Oh goodness that is the csutet outfit. She could be a toddler model! She is just so cute. And don't you know mom, coloring books are just not as fun! Aiden takes our phones too and puts them to his ear so we always say "hey girlfriend wanna come over and play?" and he just giggles.

Posted by Raj at 2012/04/20 07:07:14.

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