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Kutsunugi san

Posted on 2007/07/25 03:56:30 (July 2007).

[Tuesday 24th July]

In the afternoon (see previous post) things did improve and I managed to help a colleague make some colour photocopies (better than sitting doing absolutely nothing...), then we had a review of the things that we are going to show at the next fair, beginning of next week.

After that it was time to go and meet Kutsunugi san, we are still in touch of course, even if we don`t see each other a lot like before.

We were meant to go to the usual sushi place, but it was full so we went instead to the kushiaghe (fried things on a stick) place in Shinjuku, our favourite restaurant for that kind of food. Must be also noted the fact that they serve the best ume-sawa that I have ever had.

Of course the meal was great, we had a chance to talk about several things, work, life, prospects for the future and so on.
It was nice to see him again, it makes me think how much I miss working with them (Kutsunugi san and his wife Keiko san).

Eating at that place, that was our "last meal" together when I was working in Ratti made me feel really nostalgic, it feels ages ago since I left the company, but it is actually one exact year, more or less. Inevitably the trip back home (a.k.a. cubicle) was spent thinking about the last year and what it has brought me.

Fortunately the train ride was not long, it is not time to make reviews I am afraid, I am still in the thick and thin of many changes...

Comment 1

It was nice to see you again and speak lots !!
Sorry I could not go lunch today bec I got another claim,, I had to see cust.
How was meeting ?? Let me know !!

Posted by kutsu at 2007/07/25 16:18:16.

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