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A different night

Posted on 2008/01/26 20:24:22 (January 2008).

[Friday 25th January 2008]

Tonight me and Chiara had a very important appointment, the official celebratory dinner for the degree in Economics that she recently got (see HERE for the full account).
Around three or four months ago, when we were daydreaming about the thesis and the degree, we kind of agreed to go to a restaurant called Enoteca Pinchiorri, by far one of the most expensive places in Italy, great food and wines (especially wines).
Then when Chiara checked the website we had to re-factor the expense vector, to use one of the phrases that John loves a lot, and we settled for the second most chic and expensive place in Florence, called Cibreo.

I do not know how the Enoteca would have done, but Cibreo has been a totally great experience. Great service, the waiters are all young and I think that they liked us for some strange reason and started bringing a lot of food that we didn't order (we even got FOUR different types of cakes despite us ordering only two), the food was simply great, honestly marvellous.

Then the wine list was a little surprising as they listed a lot of wines that I know (this helps of course) and chatting with the sommelier I think I even conned him into thinking that I really know my stuff (well, actually I do know a little...).

Then at the end of the meal we got chatting with our waiter, and he took us for a tour of the kitchens and some other rooms where they even have theatrical plays every now and then.

A really great night, we ate a lot, drinking great wine (by the way Bruno di Rocca 2002, a farm near Siena, I went there whit some clients so I knew it really well) and generally having a good time.

The decision of the night is that we need to go in places like that at least once every month...

Let's see if we can!

Comment 1

Sounds great, Lox!! Yes, as they say, you need to "spoil" yourself once in a while!! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2008/01/26 21:12:19.

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