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New Year in Berlin

Posted on 2010/01/05 15:19:18 (January 2010).

[30th December 2009 - 3rd January 2010]

First of all HAPPY 2010 EVERYBODY! :D

This year instead of the usual dinner at some friend's house, it was proposed to go to Berlin for New Year and spend the night roaming around the streets of the German capital, just for a change.

Although preparations to the trip were quite hard (I was in Asia when we were deciding the details), we managed to set it up and on the 30th we jumped on our Lufthansa flight bound to Frankfurt and then Berlin.

The city was (and probably at the time of writing "is still") under an heavy snow fall. I call it heavy from Italian standards, but probably is all quite normal if you live there.
Anyway, that was certainly the most annoying point of the trip, as made moving around the city more difficult, as we walked quite a lot around the buildings and museums that we wanted to see.

The New Year's eve was quite "normal" if I compare it to the one I had in Edinburgh some years ago, Hogmany is certainly one of the best "open air" New Year's eve that you can possibly get.

Anyhow, fireworks, hot wine (with brandy), wursts and several other delicacies made the night very warm and all in all it was a nice experience.

The city itself was rebuilt extensively after the war, there are several buildings worth of notice, but you can tell that they are quite new. Museums are really nice, we went to the Checkpoint Charlie museum (Berlin wall), the Jewish Museum, Pergamon Museum (absolutely fantastic) and inside the Berlin Dome.

Food and beer of course have been a great highlight of the trip, as the beer is certainly nice, but I was surprised to see how much food they brought us every night and the relatively low price that we paid all the times, much less than what we pay in Italy for a similar meal. Pork Legs, Boulettes (meat balls), all sorts of potatoes, strudels, creams, duck and many other dishes that left us VERY FULL and VERY HAPPY.

All in all a great idea for a short break, I'd love to see the city in the summer because as I said the weather did spoil the experience a little...

Let's hope that this 2010 is going to be good, the last decade wasn't all that good for me, so I really look for a different pace in the next one. Let's keep finger crossed! :D

Almost forgot HERE are the pictures...

Comment 1

You know what I like best : that picture entitled "Trees and snow". A fine example of Nature's artistic touch.

Posted by Sheri at 2010/01/07 20:38:14.

Comment 2

Good choice Sheri, I liked that too as a matter of took it... :D

Posted by Lox at 2010/01/07 23:31:27.

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