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500th POST and counting....

Posted on 2010/01/27 20:51:40 (January 2010).

[Wednesday 27th January 2010]

And so it happens that today I reached 500 posts in this blog that I have started quite some time ago...

Data shows that it was the 5th of June 2005, FIVE YEARS AGO, when John introduced me to the wonders of the blog that he was having on Maison de Stuff. I have always been an active member at the Maison before, but I never really had my "bit" of space.

As it turns out I have written 111.11(periodic) posts in the 4 and half years that I had the chance to do it, it's a shame that we do not run one of those sophisticated blog engines that let you check a whole bunch of statistics (of which I am quite fond), but it has been a great experience so far.

At the beginning of my blogger career I wrote a lot of personal things, then mostly because of harsh comments from people that were close to me at that time I stopped that trend. I miss it a bit to be honest, but the reasons stopping me to continue doing it are probably better found in the fact that I do not feel completely free in my present situation.

Anyways here go some facts about Lox's BLOG:

-- 500 posts (this we know now)
-- Most prolific months have been December 2006 and November 2005 both with 20 posts in the month.
-- Top five most commented posts: Fight Club(32) - Day Three - First Cracks(28) - Pretending(25) - ...and then there were NONE!(17) - Bitter Truth(16) - Paris NOT on a Business trip(16)
-- I wrote a poem/post: Crawling
-- Probably one of the most "heartfelt" blogs: Snorting Cocaine off the ass of an Hooker
-- Top Visiting Countries: UK, Italy, France, Greece, Japan, US, Brasil, Belgium, Argentina, Canada
-- Top visited page: Here
-- 7th August 2008 was the day where the most access were made to my site, 25 unique visitors.

Ok this is getting too boring, but to me it's a great success to have been able to keep writing for such a long time. Although I am considerably slowing down in recent months, I still like to write my blog and post my weird pictures. I'd love for it to be nicer and easier to access and comment (especially the pictures), but maybe that will come in the future...

Thanks everyone for reading and coming to visit the pages, without readers, I probably wouldn't have continued... :P

Comment 1

Always a pleasure to read Lox! (even when you are not so happy!)

Posted by Nigel at 2010/01/27 22:08:30.

Comment 2

I too always enjoy your posts from various parts of the world, Lox. It is a real pity we didn't meet up when you were in Thessaloniki. Maybe next time!!

Posted by Bryan at 2010/01/28 12:23:25.

Comment 3

Bryan and Nigel: Thanks! :D As for meeting, unfortunately now Greece is not part of my areas anymore, but in case you happen to come over to Italy... Or if I pop along Greece (maybe for holidays!?) I will certainly tell you!!

Posted by Lox at 2010/01/28 13:10:45.

Comment 4

Happy 500th blog post mate!

Posted by John at 2010/01/28 22:12:39.

Comment 5

Now that deserves a big fat candel...
Who will blow it? Chiara?

Posted by Evil Sheri at 2010/01/29 07:27:29.

Comment 6

Sheri: You are a GENIUS at being evil, you should do it more often! :D I am still laughing!

Posted by Lox at 2010/01/29 07:45:42.

Comment 7

Sheri- Lox ???, Oh well ..... !!!

Posted by Chiara at 2010/02/17 23:41:05.

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