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Welcome to the picture section of this website. I have been quite lucky to have the opportunity of living abroad for quite a long period of my life, and to travel for work and pleasure to a lot of different places. This is a selection of the pictures, divided by year, of all my travels, day trips, excursions.

In the unlikely event of you really likeing one of these shots, should you want them for your desktop or something, let me know and I can provide you the with full resolution versions.


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author:John from 1996 to 1998

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Business trip in Japan during the Cherry Blossom season!
Japan during a business trip in April.Sunday 9th April 2005
Business trip to Japan in April, went to the usual Tokyo and Osaka. I was very lucky to get the Cherry Blossom season at its highest spot.
Business trip to Taipei.
Business Trip to Taipei.Saturday 28th May 2005
It was a long time since the lat time that I set foot on this beautiful island. Nothing has changed, mind you but there were some interesting spots...
Family Reunion (John beign family for me of course!!)
Met John in Japan.Friday 3rd - Saturday 4rt June 2005
During yet another business trip I managed to arrange with John a great visit to Hiroshima and Chie's wonderful family. Needless to day that the two days flew past like a Jumbo Jet, still they were very nice!


Business trip around the World, including the first time to the United States!
Around the World.March 2004
Long trip that took me from China to Japan and eventually to New York.
Business trip to Japan in June
Japan in June.June 2004
The usual business trip to Japan for the summer season collection.