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Welcome to the picture section of this website. I have been quite lucky to have the opportunity of living abroad for quite a long period of my life, and to travel for work and pleasure to a lot of different places. This is a selection of the pictures, divided by year, of all my travels, day trips, excursions.

In the unlikely event of you really likeing one of these shots, should you want them for your desktop or something, let me know and I can provide you the with full resolution versions.


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author:John from 1996 to 1998

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Visit at the Andeer Spa in Switzerland.
Andeer Spa, day trip with Marta, Tanya and Gabriele.Saturday 22nd January 2005
Visit at the spa in Andeer (Switzerland) with Marta, Tanya and Gabriele.
Visit to Florence with Marta
Visit to Florence with Marta.Saturday 21 May 2005
A long weekend spent in my beloved Florence. Marta eventually joined for the Saturday and Sunday, mostly to go shopping a wonder around.
A week holiday in Florence
Week in Florence.29th July - 5th August 2005
At last I managed to go back to my beloved Florence, only for a week, but I managed to spend quality time with all my best friends.
Holidays in France
Holiday in France.6th August - 20th August 2005
Finally the long awaited holiday arrived. This time we were heading for France and more precisely Les Issambres in Cote d'Azur


During this year my nephew Gabriele was born! Here are some pictures taken at different times.
Gabriele.Variuos Months 2004
All the 2004 pictures of Gabriele.
My sister's wedding in Sardinia.
My sister's wedding in Sardinia.15th May 2004
My sister was getting married! It still seems impossible that we were beating the shit out of each other and now she was walking to the altar... SHOCK!
Matteo's wedding.
Matteo's Wedding.14th May 2004
One of my best friends Matteo was getting married, the first of our group to go.. DOUBLE SHOCK!
The Races at Monza.
Monza Races30th May 2004
A day trip to Monza to see some old cars racing...
Trip to Ceriale with Bogio and Linda
Trip to Ceriale with Bogio and Linda.21 - 26 June 2004
We managed to get a week holiday and sneak past wives and girlfriends to Ceriale for a relaxing week at the seaside.
Trip to Filottrano with Marta
Trip to Filottrano with Marta.21 - 26 June 2004
I went to see Marta's family in Marta's hometown, Filottrano. Didn't take many picture though, that's was quite a shame because the place is rather nice.
Trip to Florence after the holidays in Iceland!
Florence after Iceland.August 2004
After a long holiday in Iceland I spent the remaining time in Florence before going back to work.